Our Initiatives

Disney Philosophy

Century Spring Manufacturing is always improving the customer experience – a happy customer returns for future business and our jobs are more fun.

Fun?  Yes… that’s why we’re implementing the Disney Philosophy.  Successfully implementing a mission statement of, “We create happiness,” for 80 years must mean the mouse’s team is doing something right.

Like Disney, Century Spring Manufacturing wants to surpass customer expectations and like Walt himself, we’ll do more for our customers than our competition feels necessary.

Our attitude drives what we do.  We don’t just make springs.  We capture energy in a coil.  Who wouldn’t want to get out of bed to get to work on that?  Who wouldn’t want to work with people excited about the work they do every day?

When most companies think cutting corners means they can keep more for themselves, we know that making a customer happy is actually more rewarding for everyone and we are rewarded with much more than repeat business.

Lean Initiative

Century Spring Manufacturing fabricates custom springs, which means we were already lean before it became a formal part of our culture.

Without a backlog of products, we focus on what the customer needs at the right time.  Our custom tooling means we’re ready to go for short or long runs in our centralized location – minimizing transportation that adds nothing to a customer’s experience.

Our cycle times are enviable given our decades of experience combined with a continuous quality improvement process.  Employees always question, “What can we do better?” and implement those recommendations for everyone’s benefit.