Case Study:

A customer of ours had challenge with a product that required a recoil spring. They needed a custom spring that could handle excessive forces to be exerted on his product during use. Not only was it a load issue but the product was one that required repetitive and rapid compression and cycles. A single strand wire spring under these requirements would not hold up to such abuse. Century Spring Mfg sourced a special braided wire material that incorporated the additional life cycle and stresses required. We additionally built special tooling to form this material and design services to satisfy the customer’s needs for this very critical life safety application.

Customer Testimonial:

“We turned to Century Spring as they’ve been a trusted vendor for several years. We had a product that required a spring that did not exist. Working with their engineering department we were able to come up with a solution. Not only were they able to source a special material but custom made the spring required for our application.”

Braided Wire Recoil Spring

Century Spring accommodates our customers need using a variety of capabilities including…

  • Micro weld, spot weld, butt weld
  • Trays, tubes, tacky board (preventing tangling)
  • Special Assemblies (customer directed process)
  • Special packing