Case Study:

Safety Guy-Wire Dispenser for the Energy Industry. When out replacing power lines – up to 500 feet of cable. If it unwinds quickly, the cable could uncoil ruining the product and potentially hurting someone – the safety-guy wire dispenser allows them to take out a limited amount of cable without the entire product being unwound.

The SAFETY GUY-WIRE DISPENSER is designed to provide a functional and safe way of paying-out strand. It provides an economical means of reducing hazards related to uncoiling strand. The Safety Guy-Wire Dispenser eliminates runaway coils and simplifies the banding or taping of coils.

  • Installs around strand coils in seconds
  • Accepts strand coils up to 500 ft
  • Use on all strand grades, wire rope, cable and conductor
  • Pay-out strand with one person
  • Simplifies inventory maintenance
  • Improves coil handling
  • One time use application
  • Eliminates “Runaway” coils
  • Occupies minimal truck space
  • Manufactured from high strength Galvanized Steel Wire

Customer Testimonial:

With our installers dealing with massive coils of electrical cable on every job, they needed something to help them control pay-out. The Safety Guy-Wire Dispenser from Century Spring is exactly what we needed. Not only does it keep wires from unspooling too fast, it even allows one installer to safely handle a coil alone. It’s definitely saved us money and helped us keep our workers safe.